I’m Ayyappa and I’m the one  the Member of  This Website atoztech.in . I started blogging as a passion and also to make money through my blog by posting quality content.

Firstly, i started building websites in local host by using xamp server and windows iis on windows 10 and Ubuntu . and WordPress it is my favorite  cms software

At the very first my Blog is   “ayyapparaju.blogspot.com” aiming providing the wallpapers for desktops How Ever That didnt Go as planed so later started windowsupport4u.blogspot.com which has transformed into atoztech.in now moving to a custom domain and a WordPress has opened the more flexibility and more troubles (Which are fun) and helped in gaining experience

Having high end thinking make you strong and more creative in Thinking..

We Have a Team Of Passionate People Who Can Help You With

1.Software Installation

2.Hacking Tips

3.MY Personal Projects

4.Arts And Articles By My Team

5.Tips For Blogger

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As a reader of this blog, you are our important critic and commentator. Never hesitate to ask questions or doubts regarding my articles. Doubt is the beginning not the end of wisdom. I’m always there to help you with open arms. Happy Blogging

For now , that all about me and in coming days i’ll be updating this stuff with my increase in progress.

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————————————————–Terms And Conditions——————————————————–

We ,Us Are The Representation Of Authors Or Members Of The Atoztech.in

  1. We  Will Provide Most Accurate Solutions For The Problems
  2. We Can not certify a error Solution will  work for all system conditions in that case Contact us
  3. Cracking or hacking is at your risk and we We Is not responsible for what u  have Done…
  4. We Believe In Opensource and we maximum cover the opensource software
  5. The images present in this site are downloaded from the google just for informative purpose if u feel its copyrighted .  please inform me with the url .
  6. These Terms And Condition May Change Periodically. We Will Notify Only The Subscribers List Available At That Time So Subscribe For News leters

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