How to Create Free Festival Wishing Website on Blogger |Festival Wishing Website Script|

Festival wishing Blogger Script Demo

Independence Day

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How to create an free festival wishing website on blogger Festival wishing website script. Download this file and change AdSense code by your AdSense code and make it live share among your friends and start earning.

There are two methods on is hosting on blogger and other one is self-hosted domain (Click Here)

How To Create Festival Wishing Blogger Script

Step 1: Create a Gmail Id if Not Available go to and create the blogger For Detailed Guide on How to create an Blog on Blogger Click here

Step 2: Download the Code from the below Links at download section

Step 3: Create an AdSense Account if you have login into it and copy the AdSense code

Step 4: Copy the AdSense code and place in the downloaded file (Edit using notepad or text editors)

Step 5: Now Copy the Entire code into BlogSpot Check (Custom theme Section)

Step 6: Click on Submit the Page is ready and publish with your friends

Festival wishing Blogger Script Demo
Independence Day

Possible Earnings

                The Entire Earnings are depended on the AdSense platform and also it need to be verified by google and if it has depend on the your sharing and the CPC of the visitors. Initially its low but you can earn on average up to 1-3$ per day during the event period.

List of Events

We are creating the events one by one. Kindly bookmark this page and visit later for more updates: Presently the Following Events are been uploaded to the server

1. New Year

 Download Centre

  1. Download Blogger Script for New Year
  2. Download Hosted Domain Script For New year

The Operational Flow (How it Works)

The Code Has a Javascript runs on visitor end and grabs the name form the input field for the popup window and displays the name at required places.The Blogger Script only has Java Script

Recent Change Log

Update 1:  Updated the Article with additional content

 How To Install and Use This Script ?

Check this Article “installation in Blogger” Or installation In Self Hosted Domain

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