Old Magnetic Strip Debit Card Will Not Work From 2019. Orders Issued To Replace Them

EMV Chip Debit Card


In Accordance to the latest RBI Orders Banks are started to replace the older and vulnerable Magnetic Strip Only Debit card with Latest EMV Chip Cards. EMV Chips are issued from april 2018 but the RBI Ordered to Replace existing magentic cards. The Banks  Already Send the New Card to Users Registered Address Free of Cost.

What About Upgraded People ?

There is no need to worry for those who already have, or upgraded, their debit/credit cards. To identify whether your card is EMV chip-based or not, just check if there is a golden chip embedded on the card on the front side. If yes, you have an EMV card.

EMV Chip Debit Card

How To Upgrade ?

The banks are asking customers to upgrade their debit and credit cards if they have not done that already. The older debit and credit cards issued by banks will become invalid after December 31. As per the RBI direction, you need to upgrade the debit and credit cards to protect yourself from online fraudsters.

Customers are required to replace their magnetic stripe-only cards with EMV chip-based ones by 31 December 2018. A large number of debit and credit card users have already got the free upgraded card from their banks, but scores are yet left behind.

The EMV chip-based cards are being used since January 2016. If you got your credit/debit card before January 2016, you may still be having magnetic stripe cards. It is time to get them replaced for free.

In case you fail to replace your Debit/Credit card before the deadline, it will be blocked. To identify whether your card is EMV chip-based or not, just check if there is a golden chip embedded on the card on the front side See The Above Image. If yes, you have an EMV card.

You Can apply for new debit card by visiting the Home Branch or internet banking site of your respective sites . The EMV card has an Electronic Chip Which provides a Dynamic key to complete the transaction at POS (Shopping) places.  can not be cloned easily thus providing an additional safety to user . Upgrade your atm card now


In the Wake of attacks on Banking systems and its components the rbi is taking action to counter them and as a part of this plan they are rolling one by one measure.

Getting a EMV chip card is much safer than the older one and also the customer responsibility is also high in order to prevent online fraudsters.so We Recommend You to Upgrade As Soon As Possible

3 Important Tips to Prevent online fraudsters Are

1.Never Share OTP , Pin , Password to any one .

2.Link Your Mobile no to check the updates about your transaction

3.If Possible Use Virtual Cards ,Prepaid Cards for Online Transaction  . Know About Them Here

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