Whatsapp Introduces 5 New Features To Make Life More Easier

Whatsapp Introduces 5 New Features To Make Life More Easier 3

One of the most popular messaging app in the world – Whatsapp, has been continuously providing new friendly features to its users. It has been continuously making changes to its app on both iOS and Android platforms. The Facebook-owned company is again in the news as it is testing more new features that will be incorporated in the app.

‘Click to Chat’

Whatsapp has come up with its another feature ‘Click to Chat’ that allows users to send messages to numbers not saved in their contact list. This new feature will get rid of the need of saving unnecessary numbers. Sometimes users get involved in one-time conversation and for that, they needed to save the number. But now they can take advantage of this new feature.

This new WhatsApp feature can save you a lot of embarrassment

To use this feature, Whatsapp lets you create a link, which will allow you to start chat with the unsaved number.

Previously This function rolled out a long ago and its circulation now because this has been revamped with newer api protocol. Message To People Without Saving Their Contact using our Tool Whatsapp Direct 

Group audio calls

Whatsapp is testing another interesting feature that will enable users to do group audio calls on iOS devices. This feature will be similar to the current audio calling feature with some minor changes. The maximum number of people who can use this feature at a time is still unknown. The group calling feature will surely compete with the conference call feature in a normal call.

Along with this new update, Whatsapp is testing another update for Android, which will the select all option. This feature will enable the user to select all the new messages and mark them as read/unread. It will also allow users to quickly delete the chats.

WhatsApp group video call is LIVE! Check how to use it

New media visibility feature

Whatsapp also added a new feature to its Android beta version. This new feature is a Media visibility feature. This update is important as it will allow the users to decide whether they want Whatsapp media content to be displayed in the gallery or not. The Media Visibility feature already exists on iOS.

WhatsApp rolls out new feature

New account information feature

Recently, Whatsapp added a feature to its app which is the account information feature. In this new feature, one can seek the report of his account information. But this information does not include the messages. This report can be shared with another app. Whatsapp creates the report in three days and it will be available for downloading for few weeks.

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