Free Up Space On Your Android Mobile/Tablet

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Android Smartphones Has a Larger Share in the mobile industry With a share of 82.18 (World Wide 73.54) as per the statcounter Website For (Dec-2016 To Dec-2017). Concreting With Major Share in india targeting all the sectors from entry level of mobile like moto e  and to flagship mobiles like samsung “Galaxy S” series and one plus

Android had won the heart of user due to its simplicity and use of use and due to the main reason is its developer friendly and has many apps and a tons of customization is available for android

as there is a saying “With Great Powers There Comes Great Responsibility ”

Android smartphones and tablets Fill rapidly as you download applications, include media documents like music and motion pictures, and App Data For Offline Usage . Many lower-end gadgets may just incorporate a couple of gigabytes of capacity, making this much to a greater degree an issue.

The less space you have, the more problems you encounter,Have you seen the storage insufficient notification which irritates us and does not allow any app installation. Every Android User have Faced This Situation one or the other time .So In Order to Overcome this problem we have selected few methods read till the end as it can help you

Use Built-in Storage Tool

Android have a Capacity sheet that will demonstrate you precisely what is taking up capacity on your Device . To locate this, open the Settings screen and tap Storage

Free Up Mobile Space
Free Up Mobile SPcae

here you can see what app is using how much using how much space and also divides the storage into various categories such as app,app data,sd app,sd app data giving the Complete Picture of the storage. How ever In Oreo Google has taken it to next level

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As you can seen the above image the oreo OS helps in much easier way to know whats is stored on your device and it extends to far below if you click on music you can see which music app uses more space . getting the fine grain controls over your device


And Did I Say That It Comes With Storage Manager Which Deletes The Files That Are 90 Days Old . it Also Helps Cleaning Of App Junk. Clean The  Cached Data So That There is Enough Space For Your Mobile

Free Up Space On Your Android Mobile/Tablet 5

pro Tip : Use Lite Version Of Popular Apps  like Facebook,And Twitter

So Lets Free Up The Space

1. Analyse The Most Space Hungary Apps. If Possible Delete Them or Else Find An Alternative To Them

2.Transfer Old Photos To Cloud Storage Or To a Pendrive Via OTG or to Computer

3.Try Removing The Unnecessary Apps

Example: You Can Use Fb Lite Instead Of Facebook And Even You Can use it in chrome so Try Alternative apps

Using The Apps

Run Cleaner App  (If You Have it ) Most of Mobiles mainly Mi has inbuilt and also android oreo has inbuilt storage manager which cleans the uninstalled apps

Most People says they Do more harm than good . However it is limited to only Battery Performance . In Storage it Helps a lot . Try CM Lite

Use Google Photos to upload Your Images To Cloud As They free up space on the mobile

The Google LLC Has Found that the Most Indian Mobiles are fed up With Good Morning Messages (Images and Videos). They Have Created An App Called Flies  Go By Google Which Uses It AI  to Recognise What is Important to you filtering all the good mrng and wishes images to one side

Alternative Keep Only Whats Important To You And Make Sure You Have Regular backups of the dat

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Doesn’t help up

Try Upgrading to these memory cards or Otg Pendrives

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