How To Delete Sent Whatsapp Messages Even After 7 Mins

Whatsapp have Been Migrated To Cloud Model When They Launched The Whatsapp Web.
Last Year Whatsapp Has Introduced The Delete Message Option But They Have Limited It To 7 Seven Mins Doesn’t Believe ? Check You Mobile And Conform it


So Now We can Send The Delete For Everyone Even After 7 Mins It is By Changing Date and Time of THe Device In Order to Do THis You Need to Follow Few Steps

How To Do It :

1.Force Stop The Whatsapp
2.Discount The Network Connection (Wifi/Mobile Data)
3.Remove The Tick From Automatic Time And Automatic Time Zone
4.Change The TIme to Around 2 mins After the Message Sending Time
5.Open Whatsapp and Delete The Message For Every One
6.Conncect The Network Connection
7.Your Messgae is Deleted !!!!
8. Go to Date and time And Set Them To Automatically Update
9. Follow Our Video Guide Here

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