How To Order From Flash Sale On Flipkart,Amazon,Mi

Flash sale is most common in these days due to increased demand in mobiles and other electronic items item providers prefer flash sale technology as they can limit the no of products in sale rather than conventional local marketing

so the point in flash sale is Who Comes First  in Order to be first on the line you need to make sure you have a high speed net connection and your system/Mobile time is synced to time server .

Update the System time with Internet time (
Click on the time on the taskbar -> Click “Change date and time settings…” -> Click “Internet Time” tab -> “Change Settings…” -> Change Server to “” -> Click “Update now”

This Ensure that the servers and your system are running in same time. Often normal settled time varies in sec lo mins however network synced time will be perfectly in sync or with micro secs difference Which is Best

So Let’s Get Into The Gameplay

In order to Auto buy You need to Run a Script To add product to cart automatically. Don`t Worry There is a chrome extension for it Visit this Link And Download And Install The Chrome Extension


You’ll see its icon


appear to the right of the address bar. To start using it, just click the icon.

Now Select the Website And And Select Model

Refresh The Webpage Of Website Before 1 Min Of The Sale For Better Chances

And Also Login Into Your Account And Save Address For Faster Check Out

NOTE: There Is No Guarantee that this works 100% how ever it worked well for you . results may differ

Update The Extension Before Every Sale By

More Tools > Extensions > Developer Mode > Update Extensions Now

Choose the site for flash-sale products.


Click on Flipkart logo FST_extension_flipkart-logo for Redmi 5A sale.
Click on Amazon logo FST_extension_amazon-logo for Honor 7x, Redmi Y1 and Redmi Y1 Lite sale.
Click on Mi logo FST_extension_MiIndia-logo for Redmi 5A, Redmi Y1 and Redmi Y1 Lite sale.
Click ‘Preorder on Mi’ for Redmi 5A/Y1/Y1 Lite Preorder sale on

To temporarily turn an extension on or off:

At the top-right corner of Chrome, click the Chrome menu Chrome menu.
Select More tools > Extensions.
On the Extensions page, uncheck the box next to Enabled for the extension you want to turn off. Check it to turn it on.

Uninstall an chrome extension

To remove an extension from Google Chrome:

At the top-right corner of Chrome, click the Chrome menu Chrome menu.
Select More tools > Extensions.
Next to the extension you want to remove, click the trash icon Extension trash Can Icon.
A pop-up window will appear, asking if you want to remove the extension. Click Remove.

So the main working principle is that it injects the code into chrome console to auto buy when the timer is 0

Now try your luck and comment your product below and help others

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