Best Video Editing Apps For Android

Best Video Editing Apps For Android Phone

Video editing is one of the biggest task for youtubers and filmmakers and we often make a video of our family , fun trip so Editing can be difficult . However you may think its easy but all apps doesn’t provide the full functionality which include effects,green screen.etc this post is dedicated to all youtubers

Below are the top video editing apps which I used to edit my YouTube videos and they are very awesome. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel I’ll put the link don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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3) videoShow:

It is one of the best video editing app I have ever used on Android device. It makes to edit videos in a simpler way  than making it Complex of using many other idiotic apps available on Play Store. In this video editor app you have very cool and awesome features to edit your videos.

Video Show is one of the Best Video Editing App For Android
Video Show Editior

It is the 3 rd most Best Video Editing Apps For Android .Using this app you can add background music to your videos and  also add Gfx effect to your videos easily.You can add custom titles and subtitles for your videos and also add awesome themes for your videos which look attractive.

This one of the best video editing app but it also also a good photo editing app. you can add number of photos to make videos and number of videos to make a single video but the main disadvantage of this app is that this app is not working on major devices it works great on my smartphone but it doesn’t work greatly on some other smartphones which are running below 5.0 and I should definitely tell you that you people must really use this app and I do use it to edit my videos because some of the video files doesn’t open on any other video editing app but video slideshows supports all kind of videos that are there available.

2) Power Director:

Top 3 Best Video Editing Apps For Android

Powerdirector so  best video editing apps which I have been using on my YouTube channel videos and still I use it. what makes difference among all the different video editing apps is that it contains very huge themes which are very realistic and you can also add a video layer very realistic and  for videos most of the people always want to know how to add video layer for videos and this app supports video layer.

It is the 2 rd most Best Video Editing Apps For Android .Although  it is one of the best video editing app it gives the output video with a watermark  which most of the people don’t like but you can pay for it and download the pro version but it is bit costlier. It is also available for pc.

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Top Best Video Editing Apps for Android

This is an amazing video editing  app I have ever seen on Android device. it has high end editing tools in it. I really suggest you guys to definitely use this app to edit your videos

We all know that Chroma key effect is one of the most trending video effect ever a video editor wants to make. This app makes it real chroma key effect for your videos which is the best and cool feature that any other video editing app can give you.

You can also edit videos and put video layer on some other video and you can also install variety of themes in the video so that it looks professional.

It is the  Best Video Editing Apps For Android .You can find awesome transition effects for your videos which you have joined to some other video and the best part of the video editing app is that you can export the videos in 1080p resolution which is one of the advantage of using this app.

You should definitely buy a pro version which is cheaper than power director but there are pro APK is available.I will put the link just below it where can download the pro APK without buying it. For security reasons I will log the link so if you want unlock the link please share this article on Facebook or Google Plus So link gets unlock and you can download it from there. Or comment below to get the link.


With Mobility There are Tradeoff. Video Editing May Increase Your Device Usage and Which Results in lower battery life . Happy Video editing

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