How To Earn Money From Your Social Media Network

Hello Friends, Everyone wants to earn money in low time and in simply ways basically this is human nature.who doesn’t to earn without doing much hard work so then this post is for you as the title is clear to most of you .we will be showing the ways to earn the money by using your social network .so staying online can earn you money  !!!

If you want to earn money by your whatsapp or fb account  then follow this post till the end. Here I will mention 4 simple methods by which you can earn money easily.

Here are some ways to make money

Refer using apps

This is most common way of earning money now a days hope you have seen the spike in tez installation by referral program. But you cant get the money directly you can get money in certain referred apps and you can use that money in that respective application. but most of the apps include mobile recharge option.  we do have a way to convert these credits into real cash . keep reading till the end to know about it

There are many apps that are useful to get money from referring apps like Earntalktime,mcent ,taskbucks, ladoo,MpaisaPlus,Roposo,Tez,Phone pe etc,.If you are having these apps then you can refer the app to your friends. if not  kindly go we have placed our referral links so that you can help us

If your friend downloads the app using the link given by you and uses the referral code on the registration page then you will get money.You can use these apps when you need cash

Using affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing is another simple method in which social media & whatsapp is a powerful tool to increase revenue .Want to Do it then go on reading

Affiliate marketing means marketing the products of some important brands and companies.

If you sold any product you can get a certain amount of commission on that product affiliated marketing is the easy and simple way to earning money.For example, amazon is the best-affiliate marketing because Amazon gives a huge amount of commission and many have verities of products.The whole process is singing in and get started with Amazon is easy.

most of the shopping sites have the affiliate function so register for affiliate account and go on sharing the products form your affiliate dashboard

how does it work

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work . Earn Money By Whatsapp
Know How Affiliate Market Work

So When you share your link across your networks. if any one buys from this link then you can get commission.

Using the PPD networks

PPD means Pay Per Download this will pay you the money for an uploaded file on the website.There are many ways PPD websites is called the best PPD in the world because you can get the high payments and is the best way to sign up and get started.To make money you must upload any file like image, videos, movies etc,.in the

Then share the unique links in social media like WhatsApp, facebook, twitter etc,. then you will be paid when you receive a download file from the file that you are uploaded. Per day 12k download you will be paid between 10$ to 30$. This depends on various factors

reaching 12K is a quite tuff challenge but creating a facebook page and using other services can be helpful


Use link shortening services

Using link shortening services is the simple way to earn money. There are many link shortening services like etc., these let users shorten the links of different url and if you click the link you will be paid some amount of money. It is mostly helpful to reduce the long urls in the text msg and other messages

There are many sites so go to google and search for them . we Do recommend the as they pay you 5$ for 10,000 views sharing viral content with these  url shortening services can help you to reach the goal

After registering the link you can share that link into your whatsapp groups using some funny emojis or your wish.If that link is clicked by your group member you can make money for each click.

These Sites have various revenue generated by county as US/Canada has the highest ad value so if you are in that region it can help you other wise try to target these regions


Freelancer is the excellent method for students to earn money. sell your skills for money go to and create a gis and start earning

Your creative mind can help you to earn money. give a try who know what will happen


Final Note

Never expect ever one will install the app link that you share and it entirely the user wish to do so.

Increase your connections and increase  your network socially so that you can have  a better results and concentrate on narrow topic such as only mobile ,cloths,or else electronic items and create small groups so that you can reach them well

If your a college student then you a added advantage because of students group

Convert the Mobile Recharge Credits to Money

Find Any one Person near you .who has recharge requirement and offer him a discount of 10% and convert that credits into recharge and take that amount

You may lose 10% but you can have it by hand and your helping your friend..

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