Hello Every one . On The Occasion Of Diwali We Have Designed The Site diwali.atoztech.in a fireworks game For Our Next Project We Would Like To Share It With You As Usual We Will Start From The Basic Web Hosting(I Like Explaining Things In Detail From Scratch ) So Lets Get Started This Tutorial Will Be Around 10 Min If Your Starting From Scratch it Can Take Upto 30-60 mins Depending On Your Domain Registrar And Hosting Account So Lets Start The Show

Creating the site:

in this topic we are going to register a free domain and also we are going to obtain the free hosting platform as well as i will share the links to premium services

Registering Domain Name

Domain Name Is Noting But The Text That You Enter In The Web Address Bar  Ex atoztech.in is a domain.

Does It Required ? Yes We Need It Because We Can`t Renumber Those I.P s

Registering With Freenom (Obtain Free Domain)

Freenom is a company based in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands Which Provides The Free Domain Names in The Tld Of .TK , .MK , .GA , .CF , .GQ. So Select Any one . My Preferred Choice Is .ml

Doesn’t Like These Domain .Get You Own ,com ,.in in Next Topic  Skip Here

Go To Freenom Website.and select a available domain name and Proceed to checkout page and click Continue .later  If you have a account then login to the dashboard other wise sing up and complete the order

Hurray !! You have got a free domain name now lets move to second stage Hosting

Do You Req Any Help Contact Us

Registering With The BigRock (Paid Domain)

Important Note : If you want a paid domain .com or ,in else follow this step . if have already a domain then skip it

Go To This Page Bigrock

Registering With Hosting Partner

Restringing With Free Hosting

Free Hosting Often Comes to Limitations but these are great for doing experiments and creating tutorials and even for small websites.In this tutorial we are going to use the free hosting Services

Go to The Link And Login / Sign up

Registering With Paid Hosting

When you need more customisations and support them go for this paid hosting and there various paid hosting out of them the best is vapour host Cheap and Reliable and second one is hostripples (We Use it) Has various advanced plans

DNS Linking

DNS (Domain Name Server) It is the most important step . Dns server links the website url to corresponding ip of the hosting systems and ensure you receive correct data form that hosting  as modern day shared hosting has a 1000s of websites running on a single server . Ask your hosting provider to setup . they can help you


The Project is based on html and java script and can be modified by user needs and their desires how ever we do require the the following text in footer “Powered By Atoztech” Which Is Included in the Project Hmtl File

This Site Contains Following Files

1 Index.html

2 style.css

3 Java Script.js Which Include The Fireworks.js and Also The Analytics Js

Download Our Project  Server 1


Login Into Web Hosting Disk Manager Either By Cpanel Or Else Use Filezilla Software

Disk Manager In Cpannel

Now Upload These Files

Uploading Files To Web Hosting










Now Modify The Html and css files To Suite Your Need . You Can Also Integrate The Javascript into The Php




Now Lets See The Site n Action and Comment Your Site In Comments Section Below

Final Conclusion

This Java Script Converts the Whole screen into Input Area of JS Which Prevents The Input To Html File. So in order To Add The Share icons We Need To Limit THe Js To  90%- Height So That These Share Buttons Will Work  .

You Can Create A Custom Name Wishing App Know More Here.

Happy Blogging !! ☺

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