Best iPhone 8 Apps To Download In 2017

If you are an iPhone geek and love to download some of the best iPhone apps every now and then, you’d really like the idea of going through some popular names to have on your iPhone in 2017. There are quite a few apps that are a must-have and include both new and old ones. So, let’s get straight into the details of some of the best iPhone 8 apps that you should consider this year.

  1. Pennies

Pennies is among some of the best iPhone apps targeted towards money management. It takes a lot friendlier approach towards money management rather than being complicated and dry which is normally the case with such stuff. With a straightforward and colorful interface of the app, users can be able to define their budgets quickly and keep track of their fund quite easily.

Best iPhone 8 Apps To Download In 2017 1

The reason why Pennies is so effective is mainly because it allows you to categorize all your spending. For instance, if you’re planning to track what you spend on coffee, you can create a separate category for that. You can even schedule reminders for when you can spend on each category next.

  1. 1Password

Dealing with lots of passwords and remembering one for every single service or app you use is quite a task in itself. In fact, it’s almost impossible. That being said, it is also quite important to have unique passwords for every account you have. So, you can keep everything secured under just 1 password and that’s all you have to remember. The mobile version of the 1Passowrd app syncs itself automatically with desktop app in the bid to keep everything safe and accessible at all times.

Best iPhone 8 Apps To Download In 2017 2

  1. Infltr

Initially, it was a filter app that allowed iPhone users to choose some interesting filters for their photos quite easily. And, in fact, it was designed for those who considered it really tough to choose a filter they like. But Infltr only required them to drag their finger across screen to do what they wanted.

Best iPhone 8 Apps To Download In 2017 3

The app has evolved over the years and now it not just offers that original functionality but also comes equipped with some other features like filter management and editing. You can now choose one of the pre-made options, do some basic adjustments to it, and can also alter your photo’s skew and crop it. The edits you make are all non-destructive which means that you can simply revert any time or make any further changes sometime later. The settings you make are saved as your custom style. So, overall, it gives you great capabilities when it comes to making filters and setting up your own styles.

  1. Pocket Casts

There are quite a few podcast applications around and Pocket Cast stands out as a perfect option for those looking for a feature-rich, premium feel.

It is pretty straightforward to discover Podcasts with this app as you have search, trends, networks, categories and charts options available. There are customizable filters that let you deal with the organization part quite deftly.

Best iPhone 8 Apps To Download In 2017 4

There is also a smart playback option that includes silence-trimming, speed boost, and volume boost that all work together to make your experience top notch.

  1. Lyft

Don’t you need to take a cab every now and then? Well, everyone does! So, you can have Lyft on your iPhone and save yourself a lot of precious time by having a cab waiting for you at your desired time. Already working in most of the major cities, Lyft can be your go-to option when you want a pick-and-drop at designated time and also at a cheaper price compared to conventional taxies.

Best iPhone 8 Apps To Download In 2017 5

Just keep an eye on surge pricing, however. If there is high demand for the rides, prices tend to double up pretty quickly and may even go as high as ten times of the regular rate. Though there are other options that you can try but the experience with Lyft is simply unparalleled and you can’t find that anywhere else.

So, pick any of these apps as you like and give your iPhone a new lift of functionality. You are sure to love the experience with any of these apps.

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