Sims 5 May Not Be So Much of a Bleak Possibility After All

It is no secret that EA and Maxis’ The Sims series is one of the best-selling video game franchises in the world.  And if you have played any of the games to have come out, particularly the more recent ones, then you must know how hard the creators work to keep the games updated. This is why the sales numbers have only been improving, thanks to the number of DLCs that EA has been pushing out for the latest game in the series. But still, the possibility of Sims 5 still remains somewhat bleak.

Sims 5 5

If you are scratching your head in wonder about how such a well-received franchise that is also a great money spinner for its creators could come to an abrupt end, then you might be surprised at the answer. The truth is, the last entry to have come out of the franchise, The Sims 4, received a lot of flak from fans for being the disappointment that it was at its launch. Don’t be shocked, for The Sims 4 was easily one of the less impressive games to have come out from the creators in a while as part of the acclaimed franchise. However, it wasn’t so much the lack of innovations in terms of new features that drove even the most dedicated fan away, as it was because of the terrible glitches. Something like that coming from gaming giants such as EA and that too in such a reputed franchise was enough to alienate fans.

Since then, every time the topic of Sims 5 has come up, which some tend to think of as an eventuality even after all that has happened, the developers’ responses have not been very positive. They have even maintained that getting a new full-fledged Sims entry would depend primarily on the sales figures on The Sims 4, which were mostly dwindling during its early days. However, what gives us hope that Sims 5 may not be too far away is that ever since the near-fiasco with Sims 4, the creators have tirelessly been rolling out updates to fix the game as well as provide exciting DLCs packed with new features to ensure that both lost fans and lost numbers are regained.

In fact, in between regular DLCs, EA has also recently released a brand new Sims mobile game that not only looks fantastic but also comes with some innovative and intriguing features that hearken back to the kind of innovation and focus on building connections that were seen in the earlier games. The developers had hinted in the past that Sims 5 would only be a possibility if the last released installment managed to get past its poor performance and rake in the numbers that are expected of a recent Sims entry. So we feel confident that a new main Sims title is perhaps not so much of impossibility. After all, EA certainly has the time.

Coming to that, if one takes a look at the release date patterns of the earlier Sims games, it becomes apparent that a new entry in the series has been released roughly once every five years. Considering that we are yet to reach mid-2017, it may well be possible that Sims 5 will come out in 2019- five years after the release of Sims 4 in 2014. If there is a delay, however, we frankly wouldn’t mind; EA can take all the time they need to create a fantastic new Sims game. So here’s looking ahead to that.

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