Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Feature 6.4-Inch Screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 To Feature 6.4-Inch Screen

Soon to be launched Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to be bigger and better than its predecessors and it’s going to worth every day of its wait.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


The device will have a specific Bixby hardware button. It will sport a 6.4-inch screen with QHD+ resolution. Chances of 4K option may be also available.  Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be backed by Snapdragon 835 CPU for American models and for their international counterpart, it will be engineered with Exynos 8895 CPU. Talking about the storage capacity, it will feature 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.


Jens Heithecker, who works as the IFA Executive Director, has recently stated in a press conference, that the electronic trade show in Berlin would be a bigger place for Samsung to unveil its upcoming flagship, the Galaxy Note S8. Samsung, the multi-million dollar company, has stated it will be operating with Microsoft for creating IoTdevices based on Windows 10, where both of the tech giants will work together for developing devices that will run on the platform.

Now, coming to the S-Pen stylus, it is becoming more pressure-sensitive by collecting new skills which are helping to get it easier to navigate around. It will enhance one to drag and drop, hover, annotate and illustrate on objects and simultaneously help keep the screen smudge-free. It will be a benefit of using a pen versus your sweaty, greasy finger. However, the leaked specifications have not met with any support from the firm itself. The launch will be created in September. The build numbers for the device has been stated as well – N935LKLU2AQD2, N935LLUC2AQD2 and N935LKLU2AQD2.Rumors have also been going around that Samsung will add more S Pen features in 2017. The tech giant is ready to arrive with its first foldable smartphone, clubbed with two displays in this year.

Meanwhile, owners of original Note 7 who have waited for a while now to get a new Note could have many of other features waiting for them when the Note 8 does materialize.

They are also working to implement with other big companies to develop hardware and services on Microsoft’s OS. On the other end of the spectrum, rumors have also been coming in on from other side of the globe. Although the features may seem a far-fetched cry, but generally the elements are quite understandable and seems practically similar to the Samsung Galaxy 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus phones.

As per industry reports, Samsung will initially create small batches, which is 3,000 units. The reason behind this is to develop an easier understanding of how consumers might one day take benefit of smartphones that fold. Meanwhile the specifications regarding the elements are ranging from website to website, but the above mentioned specifications are common among them.

Samsung has stated that they are not planning a big design shift with the Galaxy Note 8, and the upcoming device might look like the Galaxy S8 line.

The upcoming flagship form the tech giant will come with dual-firing speakers, which would provide true stereo sound which is very much similar to Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The device will feature a 1440p default resolution. The device will come with less bezels.More About Android

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