Turn Your Computer In To A Web Server

Today We Are Going To Know How To Turn A System Into a Web Server .

First Let Me Answer A Question In Your Minds That`s What is need of Web server In Home ??


With Web Server You Can

1.Media Streaming Of Your Local Back Up Of Photos And Videos On All Devices On Your Network

2.Create Your Own File Storage Server That Backup Your Data For You At A Regular Time

3. Many More


Ok Lets look Into System Requirements


A Minimum Of 1 GHz Pc And  1 GB Ram Is Minimum

Recommended Requirements Are:

For Media Streaming

2 GHz Intel or AMD PC With 4 Cores

4 GB Of Ram

500 GB Hardisk ( Depending On Your File Storage Size)

1 GB LAN Connection (If You Want To Stream 4 Blue Ray Movies At Once)


Watch this Video For Installation Process


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