Smart Phone Features parts and their pros and cons ???

Smart Phone Features parts and their pros and cons ??? 3

Pile of smart phonesSmart Phone Features  Are Increasing Day By Day.

Every Thing on the earth has two side and it has 2 side. The smart phone and accessories have two side one is they improved the long distance communications and other side effects are well know to you

Today lets take few situations before and after smartphone in this blog post i will say me opinions about these situation

you feel that it not true or want to change it please let me know it in comments below or email me

first is the basic use of the mobile is to make call over the radio spectrum


This IS The Main Function Of The Mobile Phone Until The Internet Take Over It

In olden days letters are only the mode of long distance communications  but due to these cellular mobile inventions these made easy and we talk to them like next to each other

These use of cellular spectrum had some serious effects on environment these had caused few spices to extent

pros of calling

  • Talk to long distance persons in real time

Negatives of  call

  • Excessive usage in the present days causes injuries and diseases


The send most important feature in the both smart phone and basic phone is sms short message service this is been greatly used until the mobile messaging app like whats app and hike were introduced

The message is short and limited to 160 characters and it has no negatives and it uses the same spectrum which is used for calling to deliver  the sms

There may be few limitations like

  • Restricted to 100 sms per day in India
  • Need to activate special pack for low cost

The advantages are

  • Instant delivary
  • Has no effect on battery level or mobile phone
  • used in remote areas with less signal
  • The most imp is delivary report

  Mobile data

The mobile data is later introduced when there is a research done in the mobile spectrum the present generations are

  1. 2g
  2. 3g
  3. 4g

2g the 2g is capable of transmiting the data through the wave form but has a limited form and it can not transmit the data when the user is dialing or recieving the call as the 2g can do only one thing either transmit data or use call function

Later 3g hspa is developed to eliminate the problems and uses broad spectrum it has a max speed of 14.4MBps and can tramsite data while calling .this feature is ultilzed in video calling as voice is transmitted over call and video is transmitted over data

4g also know as long term evalution this has taken more time for development and has a higest speed of 150 and few devices support 300 mbps speed

Thats great


  • Connected with world even when out side the house
  • Can findo out quick details
  • Navigation
  • Messanging apps like whatsapp hike.etc
  • Call and video call for free using apps like skype imo .etc

Even mobile data has some limitations

  • Drains batter when it for long time
  • High heat in few devices Because Of Signal Transmission
  • addicted to mobile due to content on net like fb .etc


The smart phoes have hd cams in their features elimilating the need to carry a camera the cam has done a quite good job in the society but had let a few privacy isseues as well when talking about the camers we need to talk about the  selfie

The selfie has grained popularity in the last few years as the manufacturer  inproved the front facing  camera with hd lense and high quality

The selfie eliminates  the need of another person to take photos but these has casued high alert in todays world as selfie at risky areas involved in loss of life


  • Capture moments quickly
  • Record the fav moment


  • Privacy issues  when used againat other person to spy them
  • Dangers of selfie is  at higher level


Navigation is most useful when your are traveling to a unknow place as the feature will the best route and traffic updates well the navigation


  • Useful for travelers
  • used to locate a particular spot (hotels.etc)

There are no disadvantages but a few failure conditions report the incorrect route so make sure you see the surroundings when following the navigational aid

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