What Is Vpn

Vpn (Virtual Private Network)

Vpn Creates A Seperate Tunnel To Route The Traffic To A Specific Vpn Server

This  Is Mostly Used These days in order to by pass the geological barriers and for safe browsing

How Does Vpn  Work

                          vpn.gif Image:technet.microsoft.com

The Vpn Is Also Used To Hide The IP Address Of The Client PC

Lets Take The Example The

Let The Network Ip Of Client is  103.xx.xx.xx

But The Client Connects Through The Vpn The IP Of Vpn Server is 110.xx.xx.xx

So When Client Browse the Net his Ip Is 110.xx.xx.x1 But The Actual Ip is 103.xx.xx.xx

These Help in Bypass The Local Restriction Of The County

The Data Flow Is Like The Below Diagram

Client Pc ———— Vpn Server——————Network

With Out VPN

client PC —————————————Network

Make Sure To Select The Right VPN Other Wise You Will Into Risk Of M-I-M Attacks

I Will make another post on vpn-providers free and paid and also self hosting of vpn


How Ever There Can Risk In Using Vpn So Please Use Only Trusted Vpn Networks Rather Than Others

Download Kaspersky V P N 

Most of Antivirus Companies are Providing VPN Service Included in their Total Security Package So Consider this while buying the Antivirus

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